Friday, 23 September 2011

Stoffen Spektakel loot!!

Just back from the Stoffen Spektakel, and I had a pretty good time :-)
I have to say, I expected lots of colorful silly prints (not quite my cup of tea, I'm more of a neutral-and-metallics kinda gal), but I did see lots of fabrics I actually liked!

Unfortunately, my first "Ooh, this is nice!" moment involved a 50e/m, pure silk, "original Chanel" roll... but I was good and walked away! I guess a taste for beautiful stuff is not always a good thing :-D

I kept reminding myself that I can't make much yet, so there's little point in buying all those nice fabrics and having them gather dust in a corner for months, or mess them up trying my luck... Although lots of them I would have loved to have as skirts!

I did find some nice things that fitted what I had in mind though, so here's my loot:
- The fabric with the wine labels is for my tablecloth (I was originally looking for something stripy in sunny yellow and white, but I didn't find it, and this really caught my attention!) I do love food and drinks after all;-)
- The tartan is for my couch's pillows (I've been obsessing over tartan for a week or two, and this is one thing I might hopefully be able to make soon).
- The cream waterproof fabric is to replace the old ugly blue striped shower curtain on my bathroom window.
- The grey pinstripe is for a future pencil skirt (the only "future skirt" fabric I allowed myself, as it was really cheap, and got a nice slightly shiny finish - and I'm a sucker for grey and pinstripes :-D ).
- The black pearl detail buttons are to replace some very blah grey buttons on my grey cardigan.
- The wine colored ribbons (bias tape) are for the tablecloth too, the small orange one to practice finishing.
- The rest are "tools of the trade" I guess: new seam ripper (a solid looking one this time!), thread to hold stuff together before sewing, bracket for angles, etc.

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