Monday, 9 April 2012


Over the last few months I have accumulated material for a good dozen posts... So I might start talking about beef stew or even Halloween in April or May ;)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hello again!

So, I haven't posted anything in nearly 4 months!
I actually only have an excuse for the last month: I was stuck at home with an inflamed articulation in my lower back for 3 weeks, not able to sit or bend down (well strictly speaking I'm able to but it's quite painful).
Last week I decided to try going to work anyway since we have a big deadline looming, so I got a high "party table" to put my computer on so I could work standing up, and a laptop to be able to work from home too.
It was going OK, until I hit a roadblock on Thursday, in the form of an all-day mandatory training. In hindsight I should have just switched to one of the later sessions instead. See, working all day standing up was fine as long as I could walk around to go ask people questions, or go lie down in the infirmary for a while when it was getting too uncomfortable... In the training I could do neither of those things, and by the end of the morning it was getting pretty tough...
I did escape to the infirmary once when it was getting too hard to cope, but by the evening my back was killing me:( So I called it quits for that week and just stayed at home on Friday.
Thankfully, my boyfriend was able to move my appointment with a specialist up from April 18th (another 3 weeks' wait!) to yesterday. I breathed a deep sigh of relief!!! So glad that being a native speaker, he has no trouble dealing with Dutch-speaking people on the phone!
So I went in and the doc gave me a cortisone injection. It was really painful afterwards (up into the night) but is much more tolerable now. If I'm lucky I should feel better tomorrow. If I'm not, I have to go back seem him in a week and a half to presumably get another injection. Let's hope I'm lucky:)