Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pheeew! So much better...

Had my 3rd class yesterday night (well 2nd "actual" class as the 1st class was more of a meet & greet).
I was fairly nervous as last week's class was a bit of a disaster for me, but fortunately this one went a lot better :-)

The top thread automagically picking up the bottom thread thing actually worked this time (it was a nice change after many frustratingly unsuccessful attempts last week).
And I can sew parallel lines no problem, straight, or following curves or angles :-) Yaaay :-)

I almost caught up on the class I missed last wednesday (working with bias tape: sewing a ribbon with folds over the edge of fabric as a finish). I got the explanation and started doing the wide ribbon. I'll try and finish it tonight.
If that goes well, I need to find a narrow folded ribbon and try with that (more difficult as you got to be more precise).

Then the next step is another type of ribbon finishing over the fabric (need to get details for that one next week).

Now I'm seriously considering taking a half-day off to go to the Stoffen Spektakel on Friday...

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