Friday, 31 October 2014

Delicious Pumpkin Soup

This is by far my favourite soup... soft and creamy and comforting... 
It requires a bit of work peeling and cutting the pumpkin, but I think it's really worth it, and the rest is dead easy.

1 small pumpkin or 1/4 of a big pumpkin (jack 'o lantern type)
3 carrots
2 onions
200ml cream
2 stock cubes (or amount needed for 1l of water)

1. Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and dice it in rough chunks (you're already over the hard part!), add the carrots and onions.

2. Crumble the stock cubes on top of it, add 1 liter of water, and cook until the vegetables are softened (especially the carrots).

3. Add the cream and blend into a soup.
(Optional: decorate with herbes de Provence, seeds, Parmesan, or whatever takes your fancy!)

A cereal/seeds bread is nice to have with it...