Friday, 2 September 2011

So here I go...

I've loved cooking for years, and have always loved the idea of crafts too, but so far that has consisted in:
missing doing craft stuff like when I was a kid,
reading about crafts projects on websites/blogs,
imagining stuff I could to to make my appartement look better but never actually doing any of it...

Meaning that my only "creative outlet" has been cooking :-D Mostly seeing what I can whip up with what's in the fridge/pantry ;)

So now I'm going for it:)

One of my new years' resolutions was starting to bake, and that turned out pretty fun, and sometimes yummy (not to mention it's one of the rare new years' resolutions that didn't go down the drain!). So that encouraged me :)

So I signed up for a sewing class!
Full disclosure: I actually wanted to be a fashion designer in high school, but my dad persuaded me to go to uni, which turned out pretty well since it was fun and I got a job I really like, but I haven't completely given up on the idea... Which meant, until now, vaguely planning to follow a fashion design course once I'm retired :D

But now I'm going to do something more concrete about it:) Not that I'm planning to switch careers or anything, but at least I'll get to see if I actually like making clothes (well, probably just pockets and small bags for the first while...).

On to new beginnings!!! :)

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