Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I get a sewing machine... Destruction ensues...

Just out of my 2nd class... I should have brought my sewing machine but I thought it was still going to be theory for now (too many years in academia will do that to you...). Anyway, I used one of the machines from the school instead... Didn't quite go as smoothly as I would have liked!
Spent ages trying to get the bottom thread to meet the top thread for it to actually do something... And what it mostly did was knots... Big, huge, very stuck knots!! So I tried to cut the knots... And broke my mini scissors... Then tried to undo them with a seam ripper... And broke my seam ripper. After quite some fighting, I finally managed to get rid of them using scissors and a needle. Then I got some more knots... And more knots... Until finally the machine's needle got bent and was unusable.
I did manage to sew some straight lines when the teacher did all the thread prep for me, but when the thread ran out and I had to change it I made more knotty messes... I think I may have bent a 2nd machine needle too :S

So result: 3 or 4 straight lines, for a pair of scissors, a seam ripper and 2 machine needles totalled !!! Lock up your sewing machines when I'm around !!!

Anyway, the teacher said not too worry, it will come, I just have to keep at it... I'll try with my own machine at home, hopefully it'll be easier (and less destructive:) ).

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