Saturday, 6 July 2013

Rucola pesto

Some time ago I planted some seeds in the garden, and made the (apparently "classic beginner") mistake of sowing way too many seeds in my rows. I wasn't sure they'd all come up, you see...
Well they did, and I now have big "cubes" of densely planted vegetables. Among which a rucola jungle.

    Exhibit A

So over the past few weeks, I have been bringing edible plants to my colleagues, and made some attempts at eating more salad... 
That's not really cutting it anymore though, the green stuff is growing faster than I can get rid of it:D

Then last week I found a recipe for rucola pesto. I thought I'd give it a try.

So I cut up some leaves and flowers (rucola flowers are edible, I checked... although I tried some in a seafood pasta dish the other day and I wasn't impressed... not enough rucola taste), added the rest of the ingredients and there it went in the blender.

Oops forgot the cheese...

Here's the end result:

The verdict? I'm not impressed! And quite disappointed too... 

But as the BF remarked, I'm not a big fan of pesto to begin with (my first memory of eating pesto is forever associated to my first memory of getting really sick due to a gastro-enteritis, so it's not the pesto's fault, but we kinda got off on the wrong foot!).
So the plan was to reconcile myself with pesto by trying a different main ingredient... Yeah, that didn't work...

Anyway, the BF likes it, so it's not lost... "More for me!" he said. Yep, you can have it all!

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