Monday, 31 October 2011

Future "upcycling" projects

So, as I mentioned before, I'm a big fan of the New Dress A Day blog. I'm almost finished reading through it (1 year = 365 posts, and I still have to go through the new blog that has special projects and tutorials).

In fact, every time I read it, I am itching to try it myself...

So on Saturday I decided to go for it and pay a visit to my local Kringwinkel (2nd hand shop). There I discovered treasures of vintage furniture for very low prices, that just needed a bit of TLC... But that wasn't what I was there for (and I came on a bike!).
The clothes section (what I did come for) had about a dozen racks, sorted by clothes type and color (hey, at least they're organized!).

So among the uglier-than-thou stuff, I did manage to find quite a few items with potential... So I went home with 10 pieces of clothing and 1 handbag (all for under 30e!!) hanging on the side of my bike:-)

Here's my stash:

The plan is to wash and then alter them, so they fit and look better (and I can strut around showing my handiwork;-) ).

Definitely won't be bored on those long winter nights...

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