Saturday, 10 May 2014

I'm back!!!

Long time no post...

Well I've been fairly busy...

For me, it's been "New Year, New Apartment, New Boyfriend!" Thankfully not "New Job" as well otherwise the stress level would have gone through the roof:)

Well I have since been shifted to another department, so still "New Boss" and "New Job Title"! Still kinda stressful (well not the "New Job Title" part :D ) since we're in a busy period at work, but on the whole I'm very happy:)

And the very busy part mostly comes from having been spending most of my free time repainting my new place, which took way way way longer than anticipated (probably qualifies as an exponential or logarithmic or quadratically increasing or something delay... Yes I'm dating a mathematician, so I've been introduced to quadratically increasing stuff:D Still can't remember for the life of me what a logarithm is though:D ).

Anyway, the painting stories are for another time... Onto recipes and stuff!!

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